EP108: The Social Impact of Water: The Confluence of Data and Story

“Science informs sound-decision making. Storytelling inspires change. Science, not storytelling, should drive policy and management in the water sector, but we need both to ensure safe & affordable water.” – Manny Teodoro

Join the H2duO and Manny Teodoro for this conversation about citizen-based brand equity and its power to influence public trust, messaging for rate increases, the role of politics in water issues, and some hard truths about inequities in drinking water compliance.


Class, race, ethnicity and justice in safe drinking water act compliance.
Citizen-based brand equity: a model and experimental evaluation
Issue framing and public willingness to pay water and sewer rate increase (in review, coming soon)

Meet Manny:

Manny Teodoro is an associate professor at the LaFollette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He researches and teaches environmental policy and public management. He’s also engaged in a great deal of applied research on utility management, policy, and finance. Beyond academic study, Manny has worked directly with utility leaders and policymakers on equity, affordability, and regulatory implementation for nearly 25 years. Twitter: @MPTeodoro

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