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Election in Real Life: What your vote means to the water industry with Mae Stevens

In this special #ImagineADayWithoutWater edition, the H2duO chat with Mae Stevens, Executive Vice President at Signal Group, about what the different possible election outcomes mean for the water industry. We also chat about the incredible importance of knowing your audience and tailoring your message to them and the special bipartisan PAC she established with the goal of getting more candidates that will champion water issues elected.

Reimagining Water: The Service Oriented Utility with Hugh Sinclair

We talk about innovation, market research, and human-centric utilities with Hugh. Hugh is helped us kick-off Virtual Catalyst 2020 with a keynote about the shift that future-forward utilities need to take—the transformation from product-oriented to service-oriented. Enjoy! Mr. Hugh Sinclair is the manager of the Asset Management Section in the Production Department of WSSC Water.…

100: Those Who Tell the Stories Rule the World—The H2duO in Real Life

  The H2duO get real with their mentor Greg Wukasch (San Antonio Water System) when he turns the mic on them to talk about the H2duO in real life. Stephanie and Arianne talk about the entrepreneur rollercoaster, their friendship, and their own personal journeys. Please consider rating the podcast with 5 stars and leaving a…