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Water in Real Life was born out of a genuine interest in and curiosity for resources that inspire the next generation of water nerds. The next generation doesn’t have to mean the up and coming young professionals. It also includes the seasoned water nerds who are looking to reinvent themselves, their programs, and their careers by hearing the stories of other water passionate professionals.

It’s hosted by the H2duO, Arianne Shipley and Stephanie Zavala. Water in Real Life features authentic, often candid interviews with water professionals from across the industry—some known nationwide, and some may be hidden gems in your own backyard.

This media kit provides an overview for the podcast. The episodes themselves cover a variety of topics such as communication strategy, professional development, storytelling, young professionals, women in water, water tech, and the value of water. Water in Real Life seeks to tell water’s story, humanize the industry, and equip leaders with the information to grow—teach a man a fish, if you will. Water in Real Life is available on iTunes, Android, Google Play, and Stitcher.

About the H2duO:

The H2duO, as they are known across the industry, are former award-winning municipal water utilities employees. Both women worked in the water utility field with a focus on communication, education, marketing, public relations, and public involvement. They made the entrepreneurial leap and founded Rogue Water, a public communication consulting firm dedicated to being a resource for water utilities looking to better engage the public. They also serve as a resource to private water sector companies that want to create content that resonates with water providers to expedite partnerships that move the industry forward.

Although Water in Real Life only launched in June, as established members of the industry, the H2duO have already had the opportunity to speak to a wide range of guests, including some of the biggest names in water.

Our Listeners:

Water Industry Influencers: George Hawkins, Travis Loop, Imagine H2O, Water Environment Federation

Decision Makers: Water Utility Directors, Water Tech CEOs

Catalysts: These are the members of the industry who spread ideas and engage in implementation versus contemplation. They may not be the George Hawkins of the world but they are the influencers behind the scenes moving things forward.


Social Reach:

As we continue to build our following we lean on our friendships with industry thought leaders and influencers such as George Hawkins, Travis Loop, and Imagine H2O.

Partnership Opportunities:

  • Live and on-site recordings
  • Event appearances
  • Workshops
  • Monthly sponsorships (4-5 episodes)
  • Quarterly sponsorships (12 episodes)
  • Season sponsorships (22 episodes)

To gain maximum exposure and the best results, a quarterly or season sponsorship is recommended, according to industry standards.

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iTunes Reviews

A must for water startups

Dear Stephanie and Arianne, I realied that what you are doing with the podcast -- which is hugely valuable to industry outsiders like me -- is that you are humanizing industry leaders, rockstars, making them and the idea of innovating in partnership with them, sooo much less intimidating. Thank you!

by Nathan Conroy from United States

A great listen!

The best thing about Mondays is this podcast dropping a new episode. I knew nothing about water infrastructure before subscribing to this podcast. Now i cannot wait to hear whats next from the uplifting, informative, insightful H2duo team. I would recommend this to everyone.

by rcbeflossin from United States

Is “mind-blowing” too strong a description?

Because these women, and the leaders, storytellers and innovators they interview are shaking up my perspective in the best way! This is exactly what I was looking for-and I didn’t know I was looking for it! Thank you!

by Marge Inovera from United States

Incredible partnership experts

I’ve partnered with these ladies and they rock. They are tried and true, proven to be the best at what they do!

by T.Aaron from United States

Listen up Water nerds

I love these gals! Fun to listen to and so insightful!

by J.O. Design from United States

Appreciate ya...

Keep it up... the guests are informative and fun to listen to. I'm excited to see what's next!

by FTWMx3 from United States