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Award winning dynamic duo


Arianne Shipley and Stephanie Corso

About US

We are THE H2duO, Stephanie Corso (left) and Arianne Shipley (right). We worked as public educators and communicators for water utilities for ten years.

For over ten years we were inspired by what's possible when people collaborate and work together towards solving problems. Our successes are measured in stories. We hope to inspire, instruct, and incite you into action by sharing these stories.

We hope you enjoy the show and join the conversation.

The H2duO are smart, dedicated and funny

--so great for water!

- George Hawkins, Founder & Executive Director of Moonshot Missions

These ladies are the best in their field...

when it comes to marketing for municipal water utilities, they are the ones you'll want to consult with. Top notch in service and knowledge, but more so their creativity is what sets them apart!

- Jennifer Henderson, President & Founder -- JO

From the perspective of an industry executive, Arianne and Stephanie are THE influencers in the water industry

in Texas and major influencers in the industry writ large. Their work, their words, and interviews are changing the water landscape in Texas – for the better! They are the water raconteurs that the industry desperately needs and making an immediate and powerful splash. In other words, they’re just super, rad, awesome women doing super, cool work.

- Julie Nahrgang, Executive Director -- WEAT





Recent awards & Honors

2018 Dynamic Duo Award
2018 Dynamic Duo Award