EP112: The Water Squad’s Guide to Working with Creatives

Mike has been schooling us on the rules of design and creativity for six years. These rules set up every project for success by building clarity and bridging the gaps between a client’s vision and the best design/creative solution to solve the actual problem.

Mike’s insight helps non creatives be better equipped and know what to expect when working together. He shares the “why” behind our process, our questions, and our relentless focus on the audience.

Top Takeaways

  1. Good design is not all about making something pretty. Effective design solves a problem.
  2. Understanding the creative process sets up a project for success.
  3. Discovery, Discovery, Discovery. Don’t get turned off or defensive during the process. The more information we glean from you, the more likely we will create a deliverable that meets your expectation.
  4. The creative rulebook helps remove some of the subjectivity of the craft by providing concrete purpose behind the artistic direction.


Check out Mike’s blog about the rules about logo design.

Meet Mike

Mike Beitler is an artist with a passion for well-crafted, conceptually successful design. With nearly 20 years of work in the marketing and advertising industry, Mike produces brand strategy and artistic direction that grabs the attention of audiences. He is able to translate the complexity and technical language of water into visual pieces that demand attention.

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