EP107: Creativity’s Power to Unlock your Resiliency

Did you know that creativity plays a vital role in your resiliency?  According to a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, creativity encourages positive emotions that unlock our inner resources for dealing with stress and uncertainty. Being “creative” regularly helps build your creative resilience; the capacity to generate and act on positive solutions under the pressures of challenges and change.

Creativity requires time and space to reflect and experiment. Have you been giving yourself enough of either the past two years? Or ever? The good news is resiliency is built through ordinary, everyday actions and you can start today!

Greg Wukasch (San Antonio Water System) and the H2duO chat about their own experiences with creativity, resilience, and the combination of both. They share some ways you can build more creativity into your life.

Greg Wukasch is the External Affairs Manager at San Antonio Water System. Greg in a nutshell: A boat rocker of most things. Pastor. Gardener. Disney Parks Nerd. Has a passionate love for people and doing #WorkThatMatters

Twitter: @greg_wukasch

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