EP104: The Adult Learner’s Journey, Leveling Up How We Teach Water

The H2duO chat with Doug about the biggest misconceptions people have about adult learning, ways to overcome those challenges, and tools to build clarity.

Meet Doug Kueker, Co-Founder and Director of Learning Services at Vivayic. Doug is the steward of Vivayic’s Learning Solution Model™, which defines Vivayic’s unique approach to helping organizations use learning as a key strategy to advance their mission. In this role, he provides leadership to Vivayic’s team as they work to apply their knowledge of learning and development to help build other’s capacity to good in the world.

Since starting Vivayic in 2006, Doug has designed and implemented numerous learning solutions. Our experiences range from helping several Fortune 100 companies and global NGOs striving to ensure a safe and sustainable food supply to consulting with numerous state agencies and educator groups trying to make classrooms and educational systems more relevant and engaging.

Doug earned his undergraduate degree in Agricultural Education from the University of Missouri. He holds a MS Ed from Purdue University in Educational Psychology and a Ph.D. in Information Sciences and Learning Technologies from the University of Missouri. He lives in Lake Ozark, MO.

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