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000: Introducing the Water In Real Life Podcast with The H2duO

Hey everyone, we are Stephanie Zavala and Arianne Shipley aka the H2duO. Thank you for joining us for the very first episode of Water in Real Life. Every Monday, we’ll be releasing a new episode. Our content will shift between interviews with thought leaders from inside and outside of the water industry, to solo shows or rather, conversations between Arianne and I that will highlight a resource we feel will benefit you as you work to tell your story to your customers.

Our first nine episodes will be interviews with the speakers from Catalyst. Catalyst is a mastermind summit we are co-hosting with the San Antonio Water System, the Texas section of the American Water Works Association, and the Water Environment Association of Texas. The event will take place June 20-22, 2018 in San Antonio. The speaker lineup is diverse and includes well known water rockstars like George Hawkins, former general manager at DC Water, now founder of his own company Moonshot. We’ll also be chatting with thought leaders from the marketing industry, film, and the academia world. To fit everyone in prior to the summit, we’ll be releasing two episodes a week, one on Monday and one on Wednesday.

In July, we’ll begin with our regularly scheduled weekly releases that will hit iTunes or your podcast player of choice every Monday.

In case you’re wondering “who are the H2duO” that would be me and Arianne. We both worked for municipal water utilities for ten years before we made the difficult decision to leave behind the jobs we loved and forge our own path in the industry. We’ve seen first hand the power of building relationships in the communities we serve and we measure this impact in stories.

We’re both passionate about the men and women that serve their communities in water utilities. Arianne and I share similar origin stories that include being inspired by the hard work they put in daily to ensure public health. Be sure to check out our stories and see how they compare to your own water story.

We encourage you to follow us on Twitter @THE_H2duO and Instagram the_h2duo. We believe in open source knowledge and we love to share the people, places, and resources that inspire, instruct, and incite us to action. To be a part of this sharing of knowledge, please subscribe to our mailing list.

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