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That time jury duty inspired my communication strategy…

Reposted from Rogue Water (Rogue Water is the communication consulting company founded by the H2duO—Arianne Shipley, Stephanie Zavala) On Monday, I had jury duty. It had been a few years since my last stint of jury duty so I foolishly brought my laptop thinking I’d be getting some work done. I imagined myself, busily typing away…

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What waking up at 4am taught me in 2018….

Reposted from Rogue Water (Rogue Water is the communication consulting company founded by the H2duO—Arianne Shipley, Stephanie Zavala) Confession. I like sleep. Actually, I don’t like it. I love it. The idea of spending all day in bed reading and listening to music with intermittent naps—heaven on earth. I also love movies—like REALLY love movies. I…

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I love this podcast!

04/29/2020 6:38 PM by Erin Portland from United States

Thank you for bringing on thought-provoking speakers, giving me useful tools, and for continually reinforcing effective storytelling in water! Those who tell the stories, rule the world. 🙂 I’m an engineering student going into water, returned to school after several years of teaching science, and this podcast hits all the right buttons!

Great listen for work

01/24/2020 8:20 AM by jackiev2 from United States

Definietly #SFW if you’re in the water world, highly recommend for inspiration fuel and positivity if you’re a (novice) water communicator like me!

Dynamic and fun take on the water-verse

01/01/2020 5:29 PM by DanielleMktg from United States

Insightful, informative and thought-provoking conversations with water pros. H2Duo have a unique and important voice and tease out stories from a diverse group of the thought-leaders and change-makers in the world of water.

Great show

10/21/2019 8:04 AM by Seamus OBrien from United States

Love the podcast- great content- very informative. And I don’t even work for a water company! Jim

Filling the gap

03/25/2019 8:37 AM by tmart1587 from United States

Ladies - As a partner and client of yours, I love the gap that you are filling in this much needed space. Keep it up!!!

A must for water startups

03/23/2019 6:36 PM by Nathan Conroy from United States

Dear Stephanie and Arianne, I realied that what you are doing with the podcast -- which is hugely valuable to industry outsiders like me -- is that you are humanizing industry leaders, rockstars, making them and the idea of innovating in partnership with them, sooo much less intimidating. Thank you!

A great listen!

02/18/2019 1:24 PM by rcbeflossin from United States

The best thing about Mondays is this podcast dropping a new episode. I knew nothing about water infrastructure before subscribing to this podcast. Now i cannot wait to hear whats next from the uplifting, informative, insightful H2duo team. I would recommend this to everyone.

Is “mind-blowing” too strong a description?

11/29/2018 9:04 PM by Marge Inovera from United States

Because these women, and the leaders, storytellers and innovators they interview are shaking up my perspective in the best way! This is exactly what I was looking for-and I didn’t know I was looking for it! Thank you!

Incredible partnership experts

08/23/2018 6:38 AM by T.Aaron from United States

I’ve partnered with these ladies and they rock. They are tried and true, proven to be the best at what they do!

Listen up Water nerds

06/29/2018 1:35 PM by J.O. Design from United States

I love these gals! Fun to listen to and so insightful!

"I really love the work that you're doing, you have a burgeoning and unique voice. We need more people like you. I'm envious of your future clients because you are going to transform the way in which they interact with their customers."

Tom Ferguson, VP of Programming
Imagine H2O - San Fransisco, CA