Our Why

We believe that IF you desire to build the right relationships with your customers, and thereby overcome many of the challenges you face, THEN your ability to connect with them through storytelling is essential.

We can make this statement because we’ve lived it. We measure our moments in stories.

The world of water is full of specs and quantitative data–parts per million, parts per billion, telemetry, hydraulics, return on investment.

These specs and data are vital to providing the world with safe, clean drinking water and sanitation services. They look good on paper. They are required in the interdepartmental conversations of routine municipal life.

But they aren’t enough.They aren’t memorable. They don’t resonate. They don’t inspire.

We created the Water in Real Life podcast because we believe that the future lies not only in specifications and data but also in the space between people passionate about moving things forward. Stories fill these spaces.

Our values guide the conversations.

  • Be Authentic

  • Stay Curious

  • Live in Gratitude

  • Bold is Gold

  • Curate Connections

  • Live Your Daydreams

The stories we tell are meant to inspire, instruct, and incite action. Without action, we run in place.

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